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by VRAwards, August 1, 2014

Although The Virtual Reality Awards are being held on the 28th November the first round of voting via our judging panel will be taking place the week starting 10th November.

  • Only publicly released VR Experiences will be considered for an award.
  • The cut off point for releasing an experience to be considered is 9th November
  • Although there is no required entry for your software to be considered ( see how voting takes place below ) you can still reach out to if you feel that you have a good chance of taking home a prize even if your VR Experience is lesser known to the wider community.

Voting process is as follows.

Judges Voting Process

10th November ( Round 1 Voting )

All our judges will be asked to nominate 5 nominees for each award category. Each judge has free choice of who they wish to nominate for each category. All judges must return their nominations for counting before Saturday 15th November.

The top 4 most chosen nominations for each category which our judging panel has chosen will become the finalists up for debate for Round 2 voting.

17th November ( Finalists Announced / Round 2 Voting )

The finalists for each category will be announced to the Judging panel who will have  until Sunday the 24th November to decide the winner for each category. From the final 4 for each category the judges will be asked to number them 1 through 4 in order of preference. The nomination with the most number 1 preference votes will become the winner of the NEO AWARD. In the unlikely event of a tie in any category the count will also go on the number 2 preferences until we can separate a winner.

During this week of Round 2 Voting we will be releasing promotional videos for the event showing the finalists for each category.

28th November ( Showtime )

All finalists for each category will be automatically invited to attend the show. The winner for each category will only be announced on stage and we will invite the developer or a representative to say a few words.

Public Voting

10th November ( Private Poll )

On the Monday the 10th November we will publish a private poll on this site where you the public can choose the eventual winner of ( The Public Choice Award ). We will be limiting this poll to one vote per day via IP logging.  This poll will stay active until Tuesday 25th November. We will list as many VR Demos and Experiences as possible on this poll but we will also provide a feedback box just in case we miss any and you can simply type in your preferred winner.

Once polling has closed we will reach out to the winner and ask them to attend the show.

We will be sharing lots more info in the coming weeks so stay tuned.


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